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I. Background

  1. Mongolian Ophthalmologists' Society (MOS) is a non-profit non-governmental organization serving its members and affiliating ophthalmologists and professionals on a voluntary basis, running its operations based on the Constitution of Mongolia, law about non-governmental organizations and other legalities.
  2. The name of the non-governmental organization: Mongolian Ophthalmologists' Society
  3. MOS was established in 1978 (rules and regulations were renewed on 20th of June 2009)
  4. MOS is an independent legal body and has its own emblem, copy of the official document, stamp and bank account.
  5. MOS's directory is located in the capital city Ulaanbaatar.
  6. Address of the association: Central Post Office, P.O.Box - 119, Ulaanbaatar-15160, Tel: 99857870
  7. The activities of the association should be publicly open.

II. Mission

The mission of MOS is to unite the ophthalmologists and researchers, motivate doctors and professionals, supporting to constantly improve their knowledge, experience and skills, protect their professional interests, direct and gradually make contributions to developing ophthalmology, reduce and abolish ophthalmic disease.

III. Main course of action

  1. Connect ophthalmologists and researchers, improve their knowledge and skills
  2. Spread information about recent innovations
  3. Cooperate with international and domestic organizations, exchange information, participate in international séances, organize them in our country
  4. Organize trainings and seminars to help ophthalmologists retrain and specialize, improve their knowledge and skills, issue handbooks and information materials
  5. Evaluate doctors, reward and encourage their professional skills

IV. Directory structure

  1. The directory of the association is the assembly of all members which is held once a year.
  2. Assembly of all members is planned and held depending on the circumstances for that year.
  3. The board of director is chosen by the assembly of all members.
  4. The head of the society is chosen by the board meeting.
  5. Rules and regulations of the society shall be amended by the assembly of all members.
  6. The board of directors shall perform the regular activities of the society.
  7. The board of director shall consist of nine members.
  8. The board of directors shall meet once a quarter, and can do special meeting depending on the situation.

V. Rights and responsibilities of the President of the society

  1. Conduct the operations of the association, represent abroad and locally
  2. Chair the board of directors
  3. Make proposals of appointing or demoting the secretary to board of directors.

VI. Rights and responsibilities of the member of board of directors

  1. Make proposals of reorganization, amendment to the regulations, liquidation of the association.
  2. Approve the structure, organization and annual budget of the association
  3. Select or dismiss the Head or Secretary of the association
  4. All members have the same voting rights
  5. Actively participate in the meeting of board of directors
  6. Shall not allocate the assets of the association for things that are irrelevant to the association's activities
  7. Members of the board of directors shall not receive salaries

VII. Selecting and dismissing members of the board of directors

  1. 1. Selection criterions of members of the board of directors
    • A. Shall be a person influential in the organization's operations sector
    • B. Shall be interested in the organization's operations
    • C. Shall be aware of the urgent issues of the organization
    • D. Shall afford to work voluntarily in the organization's operations
    • E. Can be selected unconditioned times in the board of directors
  2. 2. Background of dismissal from the board of directors
    • A. Request to get discharged by his/her own will
    • B. More than three times of absence from the board meeting
    • C. Inability to follow responsibilities due to substantial reasons
    • D. Judicially found guilty

VIII. Ordinance of decision making of the board of directors

  1. All members have equal rights in problem solving
  2. Private issues shall have secret vote, other issues shall have open vote and shall be approved on majority rule
  3. If a member has conflict of interests on the issues discussed by the board of directors he/she shall make comment and step back from the vote
  4. If chair of the meeting has conflict of interests a member selected by the board shall chair the meeting
  5. The meeting date shall be announced by the secretary
  6. In the memorandum shall note the members’ attendance, recording, discussed issues, approved decision, the total numbers of secret votes and names of open votes, comments of the members with conflict of interests.
  7. Memorandum of the board meeting shall be approved by the Chair’s signature
  8. In case the amendment made by the meeting of the Board of directors did not specify the date that takes effect, it shall become valid as soon as approved
  9. Shall notify the ministry of Justice within 30 days in case there was an amendment to the regulations

IX. Membership

  1. Individuals or collectives can be enrolled as new members of the association
  2. It is prohibited to forcibly enroll new members
  3. It is prohibited to discriminate or internment for joining the association
  4. Anyone willing to become a member can make a written request after familiarization with the rules and regulations of the association
  5. Mongolian and foreign citizens can be enrolled as members of the association in spite of the age, sex, nationality, religion and belief
  6. The members shall pay a tax of 30000 tugrugs a year

X. Members’ rights

  1. All members have the right to select and be selected as the association’s directory
  2. All members have the right to participate in public works and other events organized by the association
  3. All members have the right to decline membership
  4. All members can attend the meeting of all members, declare his/her own opinion
  5. All members can attend and represent the association in trainings and seminars organized locally and abroad.

XI. Members’ responsibilities

  1. All members shall abide the rules
  2. Shall attend and support activities, seminars, conferences, séances organized from the association
  3. Shall pay the membership tax on time
  4. Shall financially support the Association’s activities

XII. Funding

  1. The association shall consist of the assets and cash holding of the members and contributors.
    • Members’ tax, contributions
    • Contributions of foreign, domestic and international organizations and individuals
    • Others
  2. Assets shall be allocated for renting fees, press, activities benefiting the society, based on the rules

XIII. Liquidation of the association

  • The decision of liquidation shall be made by the decision of the meeting of all members based on 75% vote of all members of the Board of directors.
  • After the decision of liquidation is approved the assets of the association shall be transferred to an organization operating similar activities, or the state property to be allocated for activities relevant to the Association’s activities.